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Post: Cockatiel biting

Posted by Trena on 9/04/07

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    I have owned tiels before, and I love them. But I had one a
    while ago, and so did my sister, but we kept them in the
    same cage. Anyway, one day my tiel flew off of my hand and
    landed on the ground, so I scooped it up like I had done so
    many times before, and all of the sudden it bit ahold of my
    figer, and would not let go of me. I sat there for like 30
    seconds waiting for my bird to let go of me. I tried to get
    it to let go, but it wouldn't. But it finaly did. So after
    that mess I put him back in his cage and took care of my
    finger, witch was bleeding pretty bad, and hurting like
    crazy. Anyway, after all of the "excitment", I let him stay
    in the cage that night and got him back out that next
    morning, and he tried to bite me again. I waited even
    longer and tried it again....but he still tried to bite me.
    Why do you think this was? Was it maybe because we had 2
    birds in together and they bonded and just didn't like me
    anymore? I am thinking of getting another one, but I think
    I'm only gonna get 1 this time and maybe it will bond with
    me. Thanks!

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