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Re: Cockatiel biting

Posted by Trena on 9/05/07
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    On 9/05/07, karen wrote:
    > On 9/04/07, Trena wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I have owned tiels before, and I love them. But I had one
    > a
    >> while ago, and so did my sister, but we kept them in the
    >> same cage. Anyway, one day my tiel flew off of my hand and
    >> landed on the ground, so I scooped it up like I had done
    > so
    >> many times before, and all of the sudden it bit ahold of
    > my
    >> figer, and would not let go of me. I sat there for like 30
    >> seconds waiting for my bird to let go of me. I tried to
    > get
    >> it to let go, but it wouldn't. But it finaly did. So after
    >> that mess I put him back in his cage and took care of my
    >> finger, witch was bleeding pretty bad, and hurting like
    >> crazy. Anyway, after all of the "excitment", I let him
    > stay
    >> in the cage that night and got him back out that next
    >> morning, and he tried to bite me again. I waited even
    >> longer and tried it again....but he still tried to bite
    > me.
    >> Why do you think this was? Was it maybe because we had 2
    >> birds in together and they bonded and just didn't like me
    >> anymore? I am thinking of getting another one, but I think
    >> I'm only gonna get 1 this time and maybe it will bond with
    >> me. Thanks!
    > I never “scoop” up a bird.
    > How would you feel if a giant came stomping toward you
    > and “scooped” you up!
    > The bird reacted with fear. You have to gain trust back.
    > If I have to pick one of my boys up I calmly & slowly walk
    > to about 4ft away squat down and let them take a step toward
    > me to step up.
    > If the bird was hand tame back off a little and hand it a
    > few treats to gain trust again. take a little time
    > A fast or aggressive movement will frighten many birds.
    > Remember they are prey creatures and are hard wired with the
    > idea that someone wants to eat them!
    > If you get “clamped” on by a small bird try putting the
    > birds’ feet on a solid surface this will normally get them
    > to let go.
    > There in no reason to think that you can not gain its trust
    > again, just go a little slower.

    I'm sorry I didn't spessify this, but my bird bit me like
    20mins after I picked him up. I didn't really scoop him up, I
    just slowly walked up to him, bent down and put one hand on the
    ground. He didn't try to climd up so I took my other hand and
    made like a little cup and he stepped up in my hands. Does this
    make any differents? He was perfectly calm for about 20mins
    after I picked him up, I just didn't know if the whole "falling
    on the ground and be picked back up" thing ment anything.
    Thanks again!!