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Re: Any helpful hints?

Posted by Trena on 9/06/07
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    On 9/06/07, Mitzy wrote:
    > On 9/06/07, Trena wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on
    >> heathy bird treats, are anything like that for Love Birds
    >> and Cockatiels? I would appreciate it! Thanks, Trena
    > Trena,
    > Fresh veggies that are thoroughly rinsed from pesticides or
    > better yet organic are the healthiest. Cockatiels I have
    > found are a bit less interested than Lovies. Cooked beans,
    > pasta etc they love too. Go online and pull up birdbread.
    > You can find alot on the internet.

    Thanks for your help. I only have one lovie and 4 Zebra finches
    right now but I am probably going to purchase a tiel tomorrow.
    I have already bought the cage, food and all the toys for a
    tiel, and now I have selected a pet store to purchase from. The
    pet shop is a small bussiness, and they only have a couple
    breeds available at a time. This store is where I purchased my
    lovie and she/he is very sweet and loves people. Thanks again
    for your help!