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Re: Any helpful hints/TRENA

Posted by Mitzy on 9/06/07
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    On 9/06/07, Trena wrote:
    > On 9/06/07, Mitzy wrote:
    >> On 9/06/07, Trena wrote:
    >>> Hi,
    >>> I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on
    >>> heathy bird treats, are anything like that for Love Birds
    >>> and Cockatiels? I would appreciate it! Thanks, Trena
    >> Trena,
    >> Fresh veggies that are thoroughly rinsed from pesticides or
    >> better yet organic are the healthiest. Cockatiels I have
    >> found are a bit less interested than Lovies. Cooked beans,
    >> pasta etc they love too. Go online and pull up birdbread.
    >> You can find alot on the internet.
    > Thanks for your help. I only have one lovie and 4 Zebra
    > right now but I am probably going to purchase a tiel tomorrow.
    > I have already bought the cage, food and all the toys for a
    > tiel, and now I have selected a pet store to purchase from.
    > pet shop is a small bussiness, and they only have a couple
    > breeds available at a time. This store is where I purchased my
    > lovie and she/he is very sweet and loves people. Thanks again
    > for your help!

    Trena don't forget to quarantine the cockatiel. You take a risk
    of losing all birds if you don't. Also sanitize your hands
    before picking each bird up until the quarantine is up. I've
    gotten mixed responses in the past on how many days to
    quarantine. Some say 30, 45 or 60 days. I didn't take any
    chances and did it for 60 days. I learned the hard way about 30
    yrs ago with my very first bird. I had her for 3 yrs (parakeet)
    and put another in her cage and they died 2 days later from
    disease that the new bird carried.
    Have fun with your new addition!!!
    Hit the blue link above and you can email me direct if you'd
    like more info. I have a pied male cockatiel who's 2 1/2 and
    he's awesome. I've had plenty of lovies too.