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Re: Info on Bordetella in Cockatiels

Posted by Dee on 10/12/07
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    Hi...I have dealt with this first hand but am by no means an
    expert. What would you like to know about it?
    It is extremely fatal among unweaned tiels. It is carried
    by the adults and passed on to the babies. Even unaffected
    babies in a clutch that some have it will carry it and pass
    it along if bred. Carriers should not be bred. It is
    contagious by means of mouth to mouth and by fecal matter.
    It's sad to have to deal with!

    On 9/07/07, Debbie wrote:
    > Can someone give me any info on Bordetella AKA.... LOCK JAW
    > so I can learn more about it and so can other cockatiel
    > owners.
    > Thanks for any help.
    > Debbie