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Re: bird is mourning by screaming

Posted by Ellie on 3/03/08
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    On 12/11/07, beth wrote:
    > I use a little lavendar oil on a paper towel on or near the
    > cage to calm my birds and it works really well.
    > probably whats in the stuff someone else mentioned
    > On 9/27/07, renee wrote:
    >> My pearl white face is mourning his mate by screaming
    > almost
    >> constantly. Help -any advice on this? He has never been
    >> alone before. Jester was his mate for nearly 8 years. I
    >> have covered his cage, given him extra attention, treats,
    >> but he just screams the same call over and over. I am sure
    >> its the where are you call but it is ear piercing and
    > constant.
    >> thanks for any advice. There are parakeets in the same
    > room.

    Our little Sydney died five years ago and his mate Ladybird,
    did the same thing for almost a year. That was five years
    ago. They were together for twelve years. She has lost
    interest in a lot of the things they did together, but has
    stopped the constant mourning. I think you just have to give
    your little guy lots of love and attention and he will
    eventually heal. They are like humans that way. They mate
    for life and suffer dearly when they experience that loss.

    Just love him and be patient.