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Re: bird is mourning by screaming

Posted by Connie on 3/08/08
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    I know for a fact that Cockatiels do NOT mate for life. Sorry, but
    you heard wrong. If one of them dies, get another and put them in
    two cages side by side and let them get used to each other and in
    no time, they will bond and have babies... Just thought I'd speak
    from experience.... Have a great day! Connie

    On 3/07/08, Me wrote:
    > They mate
    >> for life and suffer dearly when they experience that loss.
    >> Just love him and be patient.
    > I'm sorry I whole heartedly disagree with that. Some birds to
    > mate for life. However, cockatiels are easily repaired. They
    > mate for a season. I would get him a new mate if he is this
    > upset.