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Re: bird is mourning by screaming

Posted by Concerned Poster on 9/27/07
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    There is a product called Bach Rescue Remedy or Calming
    Essence that can be found in any decent sized Natural Food or
    Health Food store. It should be located in the homeopathic
    section. These drops where formulated to help calm humans
    when under stressful situations. Over the years they work so
    well that we humans started using it for our pets ( when ill,
    under stress, etc. ) & it helped them as well. I have rescued
    a boo-coo of cats over my lifetime from all sorts of dire
    situations, & have had wonderful results. So I always keep
    one of the large bottles of drops on hand at all times.

    I've seen it mentioned on many birdchat boards as being used
    by bird breeders & owners alike. So I would definately
    suggest that you track a bottle of it down ASAP & start
    giving it to your bird daily in his water. The drops do
    contain some alcohol ( as a preservative ) which is safe when
    diluted. Since your bird is obviously greaving deeply ( as
    well as loudly ) you'll need to use this product for a week
    or 2 at least & longer if needs. But is is safe to use for as
    long as needed! The main thing is to give it to him until
    he's back to being his old-self when interacting with you.
    All you need to do is put 3-4 drops into his water bowl. Be
    sure to throw out the water every 24 hours, rinse the bowl,
    refill with fresh water & add more drops & stir a bit before
    putting the bowl back into his cage. It could take a few days
    before you start seeing some results, or it could start
    working almost immediately.

    Either way just try to keep things as calm & normal around
    your bird as possible right now & follow his lead. If he does
    better staying in his cage & doesn't want to get out, honor
    his wishes, if he wants to be out with you, then do that.
    Actually you both are greiving the loss. Have you considered
    just sitting by his cage & talking to/wiyh him about Jester (
    what a beautiful bird she was & how much you both loved her &
    will miss her & whatever else you have on your mind/heart &
    cry if you feel the need to. Birds are very smart creatures &
    understand a lot more than we give them credit for
    knowing/understanding. This would be like a human/bird
    therepy session & it could end-up helping you both in dealing
    with the loss of Jester. Surely can't hurt to try.

    Good hopes & wishes to you both

    On 9/27/07, renee wrote:
    > My pearl white face is mourning his mate by screaming almost
    > constantly. Help -any advice on this? He has never been
    > alone before. Jester was his mate for nearly 8 years. I
    > have covered his cage, given him extra attention, treats,
    > but he just screams the same call over and over. I am sure
    > its the where are you call but it is ear piercing and
    > thanks for any advice. There are parakeets in the same