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Re: baby cockatiel

Posted by rt on 11/05/07
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    Today is Nov 5. All 4 have "escaped" the nest and are
    thriving on their own. In fact, at 9 weeks now, Mom and Dad
    have begun a new family with egg #3 being laid today.
    Is there cockatiel birth control on the market?
    I don't want them to over exert themselves - like puppy mills
    do. I love them all and am going to have to part with some if
    this continues every 10 weeks or so......

    On 11/05/07, MARK wrote:
    > Mom and Dad will continue to feed all, until weaned nothing
    > worry about. good luck
    > Breeder for 25 years
    > Mark
    >> I have 4 cockatiel that are approx 5 weeks old. One has
    >> snuck out of the nest and seems to be flying about the
    >> aviary. The others have not even stretched their wings.
    >> She appears to be eating okay. Do I need to worry about
    >> her. Mom and Dad continue to feed the 3 in nest, but I
    >> haven't seen them feed the escapee. Thanks for any advice.