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Re: all is lost

Posted by Beth on 12/03/07
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    I am so sorry for your loss. Having been through a house
    fire, I know how devestating that can be, even without the
    loss of your precious babies. We lost a cat when our house
    burned to the ground in December, 1989.

    On 11/08/07, jill vaught wrote:
    > our house burned completely to the ground on tuesday
    > november the 6th. because of where the fire was...all 7 of
    > my precious babies died. i only hope that GOD saw fit to
    > let then go peacefully before the flames consumed the
    > house.
    > thanks to all of you for your help over the last few
    > years. i will likely not resume being a bird owner again
    > for some least not inside my house.again...thank
    > you all. jill