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Re: Lost Cockatiel in Texas

Posted by Christie Lister on 12/05/07
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    I would also like to add that Chuy was last seen flying
    southwest towards the Bridgelands subdivision from our
    subdivision of Blackhorse Ranch. He is very friendly and
    will most likely try to land on someone's head or shoulder.
    He likes to talk, but most likely will not do so if scared -
    he will say, "step up", "your a pretty bird", "chuster",
    etc. He also loves to imitate a phone ringing. If anyone
    sees him, please call us at 832.347.7186. We miss him so
    much. Thank You.

    Christie Lister

    On 12/05/07, Leah Lister wrote:
    > My Son and Daughter-In-Law lost their precious Lutino
    > Cockatiel on Friday, November 30, 2007. They are
    > devistated. They have been searching relentlessly since.
    > Chuy is a white with a bright yellow crest nd orange cheek
    > patches.
    > They live in Cypress, TX which is near Houston.
    > Please call Jason at 832-347-7186 if you find or spot him.
    > Leah Lister
    > 832-754-8458