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Re: Lost Cockatiel in Texas

Posted by Leah on 2/21/08
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    No, Chuy has not been found. I happen to be at my Son and
    Daughter-in-Laws right now and it just isn't the same with out
    Chuy here.
    I can't believe the person who has your Kuki would not return
    him. That is horrible.
    We continue to pray that Chuy will be returned.
    Where do you live? Just wondering.


    On 2/21/08, Mickie wrote:
    > On 12/05/07, Leah Lister wrote:
    >> My Son and Daughter-In-Law lost their precious Lutino
    >> Cockatiel on Friday, November 30, 2007. They are
    >> devistated. They have been searching relentlessly since.
    >> Chuy is a white with a bright yellow crest nd orange cheek
    >> patches.
    >> They live in Cypress, TX which is near Houston.
    >> Please call Jason at 832-347-7186 if you find or spot him.
    >> Leah Lister
    >> 832-754-8458
    > Hi Leah, did you find Chuy? I lost my cockatiel Kuki a few
    > years back and found someone who had him but would not
    > return him, I'm still sad about it and miss him a lot. I
    > hope you found Chuy. If not yet, keep praying and looking.
    > Miracles do happen. My prayers go out to you.
    > Mickie