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Re: Lost Cockatiel in Texas

Posted by Mickie on 2/22/08
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    On 2/21/08, Leah wrote:
    > Mickie,
    > No, Chuy has not been found. I happen to be at my Son and
    > Daughter-in-Laws right now and it just isn't the same with out
    > Chuy here.
    > I can't believe the person who has your Kuki would not return
    > him. That is horrible.
    > We continue to pray that Chuy will be returned.
    > Where do you live? Just wondering.
    > Leah
    > Hi Leah, I live in Connecticut. I know how your family feels,
    it's never the same. My Kuki was passed from the person who
    found him to a relative and then went to a friend and then to a
    friend of a friend. By the time I found out he was at a fourth
    home and I went there with money in my hands and tears in my
    eyes and they hid him from me. My only consolation is that
    these people really loved him enough not to want to part with
    him. I only hope that that was his last home.

    Keep looking please , continue to advertise and post pictures,
    continue to call vets, shelters, pet shops. Shelters are pretty
    good at calling you back with info. Our local shelter called me
    to let me know about one tiel they had picked up, it wasn't mine
    but after 7 days no one claimed her so they called me again and
    asked if I wanted it. I did, and she's a beautiful old girl, I
    love her so much. She's my miracle.
    Best Wishes, and don't give up.

    > On 2/21/08, Mickie wrote:
    >> On 12/05/07, Leah Lister wrote:
    >>> My Son and Daughter-In-Law lost their precious Lutino
    >>> Cockatiel on Friday, November 30, 2007. They are
    >>> devistated. They have been searching relentlessly since.
    >>> Chuy is a white with a bright yellow crest nd orange cheek
    >>> patches.
    >>> They live in Cypress, TX which is near Houston.
    >>> Please call Jason at 832-347-7186 if you find or spot him.
    >>> Leah Lister
    >>> 832-754-8458
    >> Hi Leah, did you find Chuy? I lost my cockatiel Kuki a few
    >> years back and found someone who had him but would not
    >> return him, I'm still sad about it and miss him a lot. I
    >> hope you found Chuy. If not yet, keep praying and looking.
    >> Miracles do happen. My prayers go out to you.
    >> Mickie