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Post: Opel GT is back?

Posted by Ecottalolla on 2/05/08

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    The person is slowly getting used to cars, mostly to the news, which are tied with the past. Either it is its manufacturer or it is its design but they have something in common. Nowdays, as concerns "alived" cars, they are mostly sport cars. The "Fathers" of today?s followers was somehow special for their age, they had something inside themselves what is alived to this times. Why had it been constructing cars which have their rootes in 50-ties, 60 –ties and 70 – ties. People know how to honour this jewel which survives even 50 years and therefore these cars are so exceptional. What do the years 1968-1973 and 2006 have in common? The only one thing, the collocation Opel GT!
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