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Re: Male/Female

Posted by Connie on 3/24/08
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    I have a minature white faced gray cockatiel who was DNA'd by
    Animal Genentics, linked with Avain Biotech and my tiel is a
    female, who does cat calls/wolf whistles all of the time. So,
    you'd best get a DNA done caus my girl does it. She has also laid
    8 infurtile eggs at a clutch so she is a girl.... not a breeder.

    On 3/17/08, teresa wrote:
    > Wolf sound for me: is a male.
    > On 3/07/08, Me wrote:
    >> On 3/03/08, ellie wrote:
    >>> On 2/06/08, Val wrote:
    >>>> My daughter got a new young cockatiel. We're not sure on
    >>>> the sex yet. He/she is starting to make this little rolling
    >>>> whistle. Do females wolf whistle also? The breeder said it
    >>>> was to early to tell if it was a male . It's a yellow
    >>>> cheek. Do they get the same sold grey tail like the normal
    >>>> gray when they mature?
    >> I breed cockatiels and have never had to surgically sex or dna
    >> test. From as early as about 4 or 5 months to a year old
    >> males will start to become vocal whistling, singing, etc.
    >> Females are very quiet and do a little chatter/purr. If your
    >> cockatiel is doing a wolf whistle you can almost bet that it
    >> is a male. There are of course exceptions to the rule but not
    >> often at all and none that I have seen.