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Re: Male/Female

Posted by Alison on 4/11/08
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    On 3/08/08, Connie wrote:
    > I can tell you (no offense to anyone) that females can also make
    > a catcall. My 3 year old Cockatiel makes catcalls and she was
    > DNA'd by Animal Genetics in Tallahassee, Fla... a division of
    > Avain Biotech. I have her DNA papers and all. She can catcall
    > anytime she wants. Just wanted to have some input here. Have a
    > grreat day everyone! Connie
    Coming in late on this one, my comp was down, but I have to agree
    here, whistling doesn't make it a male. I have a 6 year old female
    whiteface pearl that can whistle 5 different songs and speaks 8
    words. And yes, I'm sure Cattie is indeed a she because she is
    alone in her cage laying eggs on the floor regularly. I also have
    a 5 year old female normal gray in another cage who also whistles,
    though not as fluently as Cattie does, and she, 'Kippy', says hello
    and pretty bird. She also lays eggs, but not quite as often as
    Cattie does. -Alison-