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Post: handfeeding from day 3?? advise fast please!

Posted by Kay on 2/27/08

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    Ok, I have a pair that has laid 7 eggs. The last time she
    laid 6 eggs they starved the 2 youngest. So, this time I
    am going to be pulling the oldest when the 4th baby
    hatches which will be today. that makes the oldest 3 days
    old. I have not pulled this early before. So, I just
    want to make sure that I know what I am doing lol. At 3
    days old I need to feed every 2 hours around the clock
    right? And then at 5 days I can go to every 3 hours with
    1 feeding at night, and then at 5 days they can go with 5
    feedings per this correct? I'm kinda stressed
    about this because I will need to pull the 3 oldest
    babies , 1 each day which will leave me without sleep for
    about 5 days. so, am I right??? what age can they go
    during the night without a feeding??? please give
    suggestions. thanks so much

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