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Re: female in trouble

Posted by Regina on 3/11/08
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    On 2/29/08, teresa wrote:
    > I have three tiels, one female and two males and lately
    > two boys started to fight, the girl has a separate cage
    > they go out and play together.
    > What happens is that since two weeks ago I think they
    > are "hormonal" and fight to be close to her. Should I get
    > another female to keep peace at home?

    Hi Teresa,
    I've just adopted my first cockatiel and I'm reading a
    lot about them to try to be a good "birdie-parent"
    Anyway, yesterday I read on page 26 in The Cockatiel
    Handbook by Matthew M Vriends, Ph.D.
    "When two cocks are kept in the same cage, there will be
    occasional acts of aggression. On the other hand, when three
    males are placed together, there will be no disagreements at
    all. They will share thier lives in peace and harmony, since
    their basically innocent pursuits and seemingly innocent
    gestures do not mean anything."
    He is talking about aviaries in this chapter so I'm sure
    he's meaning the cage would need to be large enough for the
    three :)
    So maybe it's another male you may need to adopt?????
    Hope this helps...