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Re: female in trouble

Posted by Alison on 3/18/08
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    On 2/29/08, teresa wrote:
    > I have three tiels, one female and two males and lately the
    > two boys started to fight, the girl has a separate cage but
    > they go out and play together.
    > What happens is that since two weeks ago I think they
    > are "hormonal" and fight to be close to her. Should I get
    > another female to keep peace at home?
    Even if you get another female, there is no guarantee that
    the 'odd boy out' will like the new female and let the other
    boy and his girl alone. Nor would you know ahead of time if
    the new bird will like, or even get alone with any of your
    current birds. The simple solution would be to just keep the
    boys apart. That would efficiently end the birds fighting.
    Good luck. -Alison-