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Re: cockatiel

Posted by Connie on 3/25/08
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    I know the feeling. It's rough. If that's the only bird you
    have, I'd get another bird and cage and set it beside your
    older bird. They will become friends. It's important not to
    put them in the same cage at all. They will bond and forget
    you if you do that. If you don't want another bird, then
    you're gonna have to spend alot of quality time with this
    one bird or he will die of loneliness, or turn so mean that
    you won't be able to handle him. Your choice... I know, I've
    been there.

    On 3/24/08, becky wrote:
    > My 2 cockatiels are insperable and one just died 3/24/08
    > they are about 12-13 years old, would it be wise to get
    > another bird at this age because I do not want any more
    > birds after this. But I am afraid the other one will die
    > soon. Could not keep them apart and Wally squacked all
    > morning and day and won't eat and now is quiet as a mouse.
    > any suggestions or advice.
    > thank you