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Re: Need to find a good home for my 3 cockatiels

Posted by Blanca on 5/05/08
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    On 4/02/08, Heather wrote:
    > I am moving and am not allowed to bring pets to my new
    location. After having these 3 birds for 2 years I need to
    find new homes for them.
    > Zeus I believe is a female. Ozzy and Einstein are male. I
    say that because Ozzy and Einstein talk up a storm. Zeus on
    the other hand doesn't say anything.
    > They can all be held in your hand and really are great
    little birds.
    > This is hard for me and I really want them to have a good
    home. If you are interested please send me an email. I have
    till the end of April to get find a new home for them.
    > Thanks,
    > Heather :(

    Hi I'm not sure if you found your babies a home...I have
    trained cockatiels and im willing to give them a home as me with any information. thanx