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Re: Baby cockatiels

Posted by Connie on 4/26/08
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    It usually takes 6-8 weeks before they can be weaned or wean
    themselves from the hatching date. By then, they should be
    on seeds, fruits & veggies or whatever they like. Mine go
    straight from baby birdie food to seed fom 6-8 weeks. Most
    of the time, they will let you know because they will start
    rejecting the formula and go straight for the seeds.
    Congrats to you! Connie :)

    On 4/18/08, Zona wrote:
    > when can I put my baby cockatiels in there own cage? when
    > can they eat on there own? All 3 were hatched by March 15,
    > 2008. Please help, this is my first babys.