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Re: Eye Swollen and closed shut by fluid drainage

Posted by A Bird Owner on 5/05/08
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    First - was the vet that treated your bird an AVIAN VET? If
    not, then there's no telling what was done to the bird while
    it was in the hospital or what it was exposed to while

    Second - what sort of problem was the bird having
    origionally that led to him/her being taken to the vet &

    Third - from the sound of things the bird is Very Ill &
    needs immediate care from an qualified Avian Vet, not a run
    of the mill cat/dog vet. If it was a real Avian Vet that
    treated the bird, you need to call them for help/advice.

    This is just a bird chatboard, nothing more. And no one here
    is qualified to guess, much less tell you what is wrong with
    your bird. If you wait too long for a reply, you could have
    a dead bird on your hands! So call an Avian Vet NOW or look
    for a bird rescue group somewhere close to where you live.

    Money is very tight for just about everyone now days. But
    being a pet owner comes with as many responsibilities as
    being a parent to a human child. I have done without a lot
    over the years to provide food & medical care for our pets
    not to mention all of the animals that where dumped & showed-
    up on my doorstep ill, hurt, starving. So I know exactly
    what being at "wits end" feels like. But one way or the
    other your bird needs trained medical help, now! If nothing
    else explain your $$$ situation to the vet & see if they
    will let you make payments, discount their services or treat
    the bird for free. Esp if the bird caught something while in
    their hospital!


    On 5/04/08, Bill wrote:
    > HELP!! My daughter's cockatiel has both eyes closed by
    > them draining some kind of fluid that won't wash off with
    > warm water alone. I had her treated by a vet recently and
    > this happened after her hospital stay. I am at my "wits"
    > end for what to do for the bird. I am a disabled Vietnam
    > Veteran, wounded in war, and just can't afford vet bills
    > my pension. Please help if you can...suggestions are
    > welcome and a link to treatment would be great!! Send your
    > mail directly to me at