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Re: baby cockatiel

Posted by Connie on 5/19/08
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    Sounds like the baby is about 1 month old. No, it will not
    feed itself. It needs to be in an incubator or in a cozy
    spot (small cage with a stuffed animal in it for it to
    cuddle up to) where it can stay warm (about 78-80 degrees).
    Also, get some syringes and hand feed it some Kaytee Exact
    baby bird food. Follow the directions and feed it. Weening
    will be done by 8 weeks at the latest. It will ween itslef
    or you can slowly ween it to some seeds, fruits & veggies.
    If the leg is bleeding, they have some stuff at the pet
    store to stop the bleeding or you can put a flour paste on
    it to stop the bleeding. As the fur grows in, it will heal.
    The parents will have other babies. I usually take mine from
    the parents at 10 days to 2 weeks but I have an incubator.
    If you are gonna breed, you need to read up on it and be
    prepared. You will need an incubator or brooder. If we can
    help you any further, just let us know.... Love the baby
    too. Let it be with you some and get to know you...

    On 5/16/08, sherm wrote:
    > my baby cockatiel left its box today it was hatched april
    > 18 today is may 16/2008
    > Problem the father or possibly both attacked the baby and
    > put a gash in his leg and they don't seem to want to feed
    > it, is this normal? is the baby old enough to eat on it
    > own? Also it seems on the same day it left the box the
    > female laid an egg - what going here?
    > also i have separated the baby into its own cage