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Re: Need to know everything cause I know nothing

Posted by Laura in Tx on 6/14/08
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    On 6/12/08, Connie wrote:
    > On the cage part, some birds don't want to jump right in to
    > another cage so be careful there. It may be best to put the new
    > one right next to the old one, putting them door to door so that
    > he can get used to the new cage and then, if freaked, go back to
    > his old one. He may not like the new one. That's what alot of
    > people do when swapping out new cages. If he just goes right in
    > there with no problem, great. If he doesn't, you will know why
    > and will have to adjust him to another cage... But it's all
    > good! Get him a cuddle bone or a strawberry perch and use that
    > for calcium and grit. That way, he gets both at once. That's
    > what I do for my birds. They love the strawberry perches. They
    > can peck while standing on it. Connie
    > On 6/11/08, niknicnac wrote:
    >> Thanks for the wonderful advice. I have been taking Pip
    >> (that's what we named "him" out to sit on my hand and walk on
    >> the coffee table, he gets really stressed when I do, but now I
    >> know to back off and give him some time to adjust. My children
    >> and I have been talking to him nearly nonstop and today we
    >> went to the pet store and bought a cage that stands as tall as
    >> my waist, toys and a seed mixture that has pellets, dried
    >> fruit, etc.
    >> I have been wondering about the grit some of the things I
    >> have been reading say that it helps them to digest while
    >> others say that they don't need it and it can clog their
    >> systems up. It's hard to know which advice to take.
    >> On 6/11/08, Connie wrote:
    >>> By the sound of the conditions that the bird was living in,
    >>> I'd say that you did a "rescue" and that's a good thing.
    >>> Even the fact that you say you know nothing about birds is
    >>> an unselfish gesture that should be commended, so I
    >>> say "Kudos to you!" First of all, realize that the bird is
    >>> tramatized.. from it's prior living conditions to moving to
    >>> a new home. Give him (we'll call him "him" considering that
    >>> we don't know what sex he is yet.) some space and let him
    >>> adjust. Don't try to handle him yet. Give him some fruit and
    >>> veggies and yes, seed (it's what he's used to), give him
    >>> some water and leave him in there so that he will get used
    >>> to where he is and the change that has taken place. He will
    >>> most likely reject the real fruit and veggies but keep
    >>> trying and remember that he's probably not had them before
    >>> and through repetition may learn to like some of one kind
    >>> and not another, just like a child. When you walk by him,
    >>> stop and talk to him through the cage for awhile and let him
    >>> get used to your voice and the fact that you are not pushing
    >>> him to interact. I think that right now, trying to handle
    >>> him would be a mistake. Let's just stick with this for right
    >>> now and let him adjust with just talking to him. There are
    >>> alot of good people on this website that will help you and
    >>> remember that you are not alone. I'm sure that all of us
    >>> will try and help you.... I know that I will. You did a good
    >>> thing!!
    >>> On 6/10/08, niknicnac wrote:
    >>>> I brought home my very first cockatiel today. A friend of
    >>>> a relative was giving it away, and I don't know anything
    >>>> about birds, but it's obvious to even me they weren't
    >>>> taking good care of it.
    >>>> It's cage is too small, it had no toys and has only been
    >>>> feed seed, and trys to bite you if you even look like you
    >>>> might touch his cage, and I don't blame it because when I
    >>>> was at their home to get him/her I saw their children
    >>>> pulling it's tail and by the shape of his feathers its
    >>>> happened alot!I don't know if it's a boy or girl yet and
    >>>> we have been trying to think of a good name for him/her.
    >>>> I am wondering if they can eat bits of fruit and veggies
    >>>> and do they have to be mashed up? I will welcome any other
    >>>> advice for a first time bird owner as well.

    Don't forget can hang it in the cage easily. What color
    is Pip? It may be easy to tell male or female if it is a Normal
    Grey.Much more yellow on face and top of head.Also is it whistling?
    I have found,(and most owners},that males are more vocal.Cockatiels
    are my favorite.They are very smart,freindly and fun.So happy you
    did the won't be sorry.If you are able to even get
    it out and handle a little,I bet it won't be long before it becomes
    amember of the family! But I do agree to let it "chill". It does a
    world of good. At least a few days. Have fun.....Laura