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Re: Lost Cockatiel

Posted by Leanne on 6/18/08
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    So sorry to hear about your lost birdy. I know it helps to
    put your info. in as many places as you can. you can post
    your information on The Cockatiel Foundation web site. They
    have had some success with postings. I don't think you have to
    be a member to post a lost or found listing.
    Best wishes to you!!

    On 6/14/08, Victor Yipp wrote:
    > On 6/14/08, Victor Yipp wrote:
    >> May 26, 2008 - We lost a cinnamon cockatiel, Sweetie,
    >> male, gray with yellow head and crest and orange cheeks,
    >> in Chicago near Belmont and Elston. Says Go Cubs!
    >> Whistles Happy Birthday, Here comes the Bride, beginning
    >> of Beethoven's Ninth. Likes to talk to face towels.
    > Please call 708-848-2258 or email