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Post: split cockatiels

Posted by N.J. on 7/17/08

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    Hi, I have a person on birdmart says she has
    2 female tiels split to lutino, and pearl
    and says she has been breeding for 12 years i
    am a member of the acs and the ncs and have
    been breeding for 29 years this aug will be
    30 years i know there are no sex linked
    hen split to sex linked mutations but
    they say they are ? females either show the sex
    linked mutation or do not they can not be
    split then when i e mailed her she called me
    a moron and other things and said she will
    turn me in for bad mouthing him/her what
    the deal? also they advertise in ohio and
    now they say there in mass and sent me e
    mails under several e mail addresses please
    can someone let me know Eric

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