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Re: Getting another cockatiel

Posted by GreyLady on 7/30/08
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    First I would suggest you be absolutely sure about the
    gender. Then I would suggest you get a same sex bird, not
    opposite sex. Two males or two females will get along just
    fine and you won't have the worry of unwanted chicks and all
    the problems that can come from that, especially if you are
    not researched in the complications involved. Second,
    anytime you bring a new bird into a home that already has a
    bird, you MUST keep them as far apart as possible for a
    minimum of a 30 day quarantine. That's always important but
    never more than when a new bird comes from a pet store. Keep
    the cages as far apart as your home allows. Never mix their
    belongings and always wash up thoroughly in between handling
    them or any of their belongings. You may already know, birds
    are masters at hiding symptoms from us until they are very
    ill. Birds from pet stores are often ill in the store and by
    the time you see any symptoms, you could have two sick birds
    rather than just one.