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Re: Getting another cockatiel

Posted by G.G. on 7/30/08
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    That's what I thought. I'm probably going to get one from a
    breeder rather than a pet store. I know all about them not
    showing their symptoms until its too late. I played with my
    lovebird just like normal the night before she died from egg
    binding. I was heartbroken.

    Thanks for your advice. Having new baby birds is not a
    priority. I just want him to be happy when I can't spend as
    much time with him.

    On 7/30/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > First I would suggest you be absolutely sure about the
    > gender. Then I would suggest you get a same sex bird, not
    > opposite sex. Two males or two females will get along just
    > fine and you won't have the worry of unwanted chicks and all
    > the problems that can come from that, especially if you are
    > not researched in the complications involved. Second,
    > anytime you bring a new bird into a home that already has a
    > bird, you MUST keep them as far apart as possible for a
    > minimum of a 30 day quarantine. That's always important but
    > never more than when a new bird comes from a pet store. Keep
    > the cages as far apart as your home allows. Never mix their
    > belongings and always wash up thoroughly in between handling
    > them or any of their belongings. You may already know, birds
    > are masters at hiding symptoms from us until they are very
    > ill. Birds from pet stores are often ill in the store and by
    > the time you see any symptoms, you could have two sick birds
    > rather than just one.