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Re: Getting another cockatiel

Posted by GreyLady on 8/04/08
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    On 7/30/08, G.G. wrote:
    > Is there any other species that can be paired with them. maybe not
    > in the same cage all day, but if I was to get one and let them out
    > together. I don't want anything bigger. But another lovebird,
    > conure, or even a parakeet nearby could be great company I suppose.
    > I just miss my lovebird so much and I would love to have a conure.
    > I've just fallen in love with birds period since I got my lovebird.
    > Eventually I plan to build a house where I grew up and build a walk-
    > in avairy or screen in the porch and raise a few pairs of birds.
    > I've always wanted to do something like that.

    If you decide on anything other than another Tiel, don't ever try to
    have them share a cage. Especially not a Lovebird. Tiels are very
    laid back, easy going birds. Other birds, even if smaller than a
    Tiel, have been known to injure them severely, or worse. Especially
    Lovebirds. Sweet as they can be, they can be holy terrors towards
    other, less agressive birds. So, if you want another Tiel, after
    quarantine and after a proper get acquainted period, they may decide
    to start spending time together in one cage. But, it must be their
    decision, not yours. If you suddenly start plopping one inside the
    other's cage, you might end up with some cage protectiveness and the
    squabbling that goes with that. If you want another Lovie, a
    Parakeet, or anything else, plan to always have separate cages for
    them, and never leave them out at the same time, unsupervised. As
    for breeding, I'd urge you to first really research all that is
    involved like hand feeding, the dangers of an inexperienced person
    trying to hand feed and so on. Also, keep in mind how many unwanted
    birds there are out there already and decide if it's a good idea to
    be breeding more instead of adopting. Just food for thought. Good
    luck with you choice.