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Posted by magali garcia on 8/04/08

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    Hi there,
    My name is maggie I'm posting this message in reference to
    my lost Cockatiel his name is Sam. He flew away on July
    23, 2008 on Centre Street in Trenton, NJ. Please if any
    one has seen or heard of a Cockatiel found in Trenton, NJ
    or in the area please contact me at
    or, call me at (609)218-5051. We miss him so much he has
    never been out before.. one of my boys opened the cage and
    at that moment my mom was opening the front door when she
    did not realize that Sam was behind her looking for me
    when she opened the door he saw me and was tryig to land
    on my shoulder my mom shouted and he got scared! he flew
    out and I watched him chirp franticaly away.. I started to
    scream for him went after him but lost sight of him. He
    responeds to Sam or kiss,kiss. I'm so stressed out and
    depressed!.. please anyone with information contact me.
    Thank you Maggie Can't post a picture.

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