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Re: "Taming" found cockatiels

Posted by Connie on 8/12/08
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    If you want interaction with these birds, the first step is
    to separate the 2 that you have in 1 cage. As long as they
    are together, they will stay together and exclude you ....

    On 8/10/08, toby wrote:
    > We lost our cockatiel in mid-June. Kind people found birds
    > that looked like him, but were not. They were not bird
    > people; we are; and we now have three birds. We've been
    > looking for their owners, but have been unsuccessful. Two
    > are in one cage and are doing well. The other one is in
    > his own cage and is also doing well. All are healthy and
    > thriving. Right now they are singing and chirping.
    > The question is: they now have a flock and the flock does
    > not include us. We love the human-tiel interaction and
    > miss terribly ours who is very friendly and likes humans.
    > Is there something we should be doing to encourage them to
    > bond a bit with us? I see some movement in that direction
    > but I also think they know our function is to feed, water,
    > and clean cage them.
    > Any words of wisdom would be welcomed.