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Re: "Taming" found cockatiels

Posted by Toby Tate on 8/13/08
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    Thanks, Linda and Connie.

    So, if each guy gets his own cage, can the cages be in the same

    Also, do we work with one at a time?

    BTW, when the Single Guy is moved away from the Two Guys, he
    screams and screams until their cage is close by.

    Any help you can provide is really helpful. We are way out of
    our league here.

    Bart was incredibly tame and human oriented, so these wild guys
    are...well, what they are. They are warming up after almost two
    months for two birds and one month for the other.

    Again, thanks, Toby

    On 8/12/08, linda wrote:
    > Cockatiels are easy to tame down but you will need to separate
    > them to form a bond with you or family members. if you leave
    > them caged together they will only bond with each other and
    > will only see you as their who cleans, feed and water them.
    > Put them in a cage of their own and then work with them you
    > should get the interaction you are looking for.
    > On 8/12/08, Connie wrote:
    >> If you want interaction with these birds, the first step is
    >> to separate the 2 that you have in 1 cage. As long as they
    >> are together, they will stay together and exclude you ....
    >> Connie
    >> On 8/10/08, toby wrote:
    >>> We lost our cockatiel in mid-June. Kind people found birds
    >>> that looked like him, but were not. They were not bird
    >>> people; we are; and we now have three birds. We've been
    >>> looking for their owners, but have been unsuccessful. Two
    >>> are in one cage and are doing well. The other one is in
    >>> his own cage and is also doing well. All are healthy and
    >>> thriving. Right now they are singing and chirping.
    >>> The question is: they now have a flock and the flock does
    >>> not include us. We love the human-tiel interaction and
    >>> miss terribly ours who is very friendly and likes humans.
    >>> Is there something we should be doing to encourage them to
    >>> bond a bit with us? I see some movement in that direction
    >>> but I also think they know our function is to feed, water,
    >>> and clean cage them.
    >>> Any words of wisdom would be welcomed.