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Re: molting

Posted by Connie on 8/17/08
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    Hi Elizabeth, Here's some info that may help you. Cockatiels
    have from 2000-3000 feathers which help insulate their
    bodies and keep them warm. Their natural temperature is from
    104-112 degrees, so in a way, they are almost constantly
    molting alittle, but just alittle. The first big molt should
    be when he's between 6-12 months. After that, they will have
    a normal, heavy molt 2-3 times a year. Molting is stressful
    for them and they can be less active and crankier during
    these times. You may want to give him more calcium and
    protein like in dark, leafy veggies...scrambled
    eggs...cooked chicken and lean meats. If he won't eat these
    things, they have dried veggies that you can sprinkle on top
    of their food in pet shops so that they will eat it that
    way. Also bathing more helps or water misting baths. Also,
    help the little guy out and scratch him where he can't
    reach. If he molts heavily alot, it can be brought on by
    stress, poor nutrition or an illness. So, if it's really
    alot, take him to an avian vet. Hope this helps.... Connie

    On 8/17/08, elizabeth longfield wrote:
    > i would like to know if molting is periodically and if so
    > when, or if it only happens if the birdie is too hot!!!
    > thank you
    > elizabeth

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