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Re: Looking for Input

Posted by GreyLady on 8/27/08
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    You didn't tell us the most important thing to help us give
    you the best advice. How old is your daughter? Also, do you
    have any other pets in the home? Are you aware of the things
    you will have to give up using totally, and/or have to be
    very careful about keeping away from birds? Things like non
    stick cookware, any product that sprays into the air, whether
    it's a cleaner, or perfume or hair spray and so on? Do you
    know you cannot use any commercial cleaning products near a
    bird? Are you and your daughter aware that they cannot live
    on seeds alone? They must have fruits and vegetables and
    leafy greens each day? There is so much more to making this
    important decision that goes far beyond things like will it
    talk, will it learn tricks, will it be cuddly. Those reasons
    for getting a bird should not even be on the list. Do you
    know they need at least a well bird check up, once a year?
    Do you know that even if you have a true Avian vet within
    reach, those will be some of the most expensive vet bills you
    will ever see due to it being such a specialized area of
    expertise and there are not a lot of good Avian vets around,
    especially in some geographic areas. You always have to
    remember, they are not domesticated pets. They are still
    wild creatures and have to be treated as such. If you'd like
    to go deeper into this, email me. I'll be glad to help in
    anyway possible so you can make the best decision for you and
    for the bird. GL