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Re: egg laying

Posted by Janet Larson on 10/05/08
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    On 10/01/08, beth wrote:
    > On 8/27/08, Janet Larson wrote:
    >> My nine month cockatiel laid and egg to day and took me by
    >> surprise, Is this a normal thing? I have never had a
    >> cockatiel before and she sure does surpise me all the time.
    >> Do you let them keep laying or is there something I should
    >> do to stop her. HELP Janet
    > if you take it away she may lay more, is she with a guy? if
    > you do move him to a diff cage! god bless and good luck.
    Hi everyone, My bird laid seven eggs and she let me know when
    she wouldn't sit on them any more so I finaly took them out.
    Now she is my sweet lady bird or baby once again. Thank you
    for all the info I am really glad I found all of you. No she
    does not have a guy. I am keeping her single. thanks again.