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Re: egg laying

Posted by Connie on 8/27/08
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    She is doing what is natural. Cockatiels lay eggs more
    frequently than other birds. I have one that is about 5
    years old and she's never been with another bird for
    breeding, she has always been my baby. When she lays them,
    she will lay 1 one day and then skip a day, then lay
    another, skip a day or two and lay another. She usually lays
    about 6-8. Here's what I do. I always keep a strawberry
    flavored calcium perch in her cage. Right before she lays
    eggs, she will go to town on eating that calcium perch. Let
    her lay them in the bottom of the cage and do not touch
    them. Let her have them so she's satisfied that she's done
    her thing. She will even go down there and move them around
    herself and sit on them. She will also seem fussy if you go
    near them. Let her do her thing and do NOT remove them. If
    you do take them away, she will just keep laying and laying
    until she depletes all of her minerals and she will tire
    herself to death or get really weak and could possibly die.
    Also make sure she has vitamins in her food and you can even
    put alittle wheat germ oil (at the pet store) in her food so
    she will pass her eggs easily and not become eggbound. Make
    sure you keep that calcium perch there for her and that you
    give her some vitamins in her food. Main thing. This is
    natural and you should leave her alone to do her thing. She
    will let you know when she's ready to come out of the cage
    and be with you, usually vocally. We are on this website to
    help our "bird parents" and we will all chip in if you
    need... I know that I will. Don't worry, she's just grown up
    now and is a little lady. It doesn't matter to her right now
    that the eggs are infertile, nature is just taking it's
    course. It's so neat. Stop worrying.

    On 8/27/08, Janet Larson wrote:
    > My nine month cockatiel laid and egg to day and took me by
    > surprise, Is this a normal thing? I have never had a
    > cockatiel before and she sure does surpise me all the time.
    > Do you let them keep laying or is there something I should
    > do to stop her. HELP Janet