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Re: egg laying

Posted by Janet on 8/28/08
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    On 8/28/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > Connie is absolutely right and has given you great advice. I
    > would just like to add one more suggestion. The problem with
    > leaving the eggs on the cage floor is they are at risk of
    > getting broken, especially is she has not had that very
    > necessary calcium to enable her to make firm shells. If one
    > gets broken or cracked, you will have to remove it due to the
    > risk of growing bacteria. What I do with my girls is give
    > something to keep their eggs in that will help cushion them
    > not encourage further laying. It can be any mostly flat, wide
    > open dish, bowl, etc. The clear plastic, shoe box size
    > boxes work great for me. Line it with a couple paper towels
    > and gently lay the eggs inside. Yes, she will fuss at you but
    > that gives her a better chance of not breaking one. It's
    > places that are semi dark, or semi private, like nest boxes
    > that can encourage further laying. So long as you don't give
    > her any kind of lidded enclosure, you should be fine. And for
    > sure, get her that calcium source whether it's what Connie
    > suggested or a plain cuttle bone or whatever it takes. If she
    > doesn't have enough calcium in her system, those shells will
    > not be firm, she will have difficulty passing them and can
    > become egg bound. That is a life threatening emergency, should
    > it happen. It would be good if you would research egg binding
    > in Cockatiels and get very familiar with the signs and
    > symptoms, just to be on the safe side. Let us know if you
    > more help with her.
    Thank you so much for all the help and I know my Gabby will be
    fine. Janet