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Re: egg laying

Posted by Connie on 9/02/08
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    Hi Janet... When you lay shredded computer paper down, that's good.
    Please don't use paper towels unless they're solid white. You don't
    want any dye in your bird. Laying the eggs every other day is right on
    time for her. She may sit on it then or wait until she has 2 or 3. But
    she will move them around, sit on them and get very protective if
    bothered while she's sitting on them. Cockatiels seem to lay more eggs
    than alot of other birds, usually having about 5-8 eggs in a clutch.
    After about 3-4 weeks, she will probably abandon her eggs because
    instinct will tell her that they are dead. Let her abandon them and
    let life go on. I always leave Zoey's eggs in the bottom to hopefully
    keep her from laying anymore for awhile. When I see that strawberry
    perch start going shorter and shorter, I know that she's putting
    calcium into her body for eggshells for her eggs. Some people say that
    light has alot to do with it. Having light for 12 hours a day is
    supposedly a stimulus for her to lay eggs and that you're supposed to
    fool her into thinking it's winter and cover her up on 3 sides during
    the day and covering all 4 sides at night while she gets her 11-12
    hours of sleep. I don't do that stuff. I keep that powerful calcium
    perch and watch it. I put vitamins in her food and give her attention,
    along with her brothers and sister (my other birds) and let her be
    happy. Just make sure that she's healthy, that's the main thing. I do
    know that they don't lay as many in the winter, but they do like to
    lay! Connie

    On 8/31/08, Janet wrote:
    > On 8/30/08, Connie wrote:
    >> Hi everyone.... I just wanted to add that when my girl Zoey goes
    >> to chewing on her strawberry perch, I know that she's ready for
    >> the eggs to come soon. I take regular white computer paper and run
    >> it through the shredder and lay some in the bottom of the cage. I
    >> save the rest of it and add to it when she chews on it or uses it
    >> to cushion her eggs. It works for her and she loves it. Just some
    >> of my FYI for you all. We are all good bird mom's and we are all
    >> different with good ideas and we just want to help. God bless you
    >> all.... Connie
    >> On 8/28/08, Janet wrote:
    >>> On 8/28/08, GreyLady wrote:
    >>>> Connie is absolutely right and has given you great advice. I
    >>>> would just like to add one more suggestion. The problem with
    >>>> leaving the eggs on the cage floor is they are at risk of
    >>>> getting broken, especially is she has not had that very
    >>>> necessary calcium to enable her to make firm shells. If one
    >>>> gets broken or cracked, you will have to remove it due to the
    >>>> risk of growing bacteria. What I do with my girls is give
    >>> them
    >>>> something to keep their eggs in that will help cushion them
    >>> yet
    >>>> not encourage further laying. It can be any mostly flat, wide
    >>>> open dish, bowl, etc. The clear plastic, shoe box size
    >>> storage
    >>>> boxes work great for me. Line it with a couple paper towels
    >>>> and gently lay the eggs inside. Yes, she will fuss at you but
    >>>> that gives her a better chance of not breaking one. It's
    >>>> places that are semi dark, or semi private, like nest boxes
    >>>> that can encourage further laying. So long as you don't give
    >>>> her any kind of lidded enclosure, you should be fine. And for
    >>>> sure, get her that calcium source whether it's what Connie
    >>>> suggested or a plain cuttle bone or whatever it takes. If she
    >>>> doesn't have enough calcium in her system, those shells will
    >>>> not be firm, she will have difficulty passing them and can
    >>>> become egg bound. That is a life threatening emergency, should
    >>>> it happen. It would be good if you would research egg binding
    >>>> in Cockatiels and get very familiar with the signs and
    >>>> symptoms, just to be on the safe side. Let us know if you
    >>> need
    >>>> more help with her.
    >>> Thank you so much for all the help and I know my Gabby will be
    >>> fine. Janet
    > Connie thank you for that great idea about shredding paper.Gabby has
    > now laid three eggs and is doing fine. She is so cute with them. She
    > lays one every other day. I will shred some paper for her tonight
    > and see if she will keep them on it. I did put some paper towel
    > inside and she just pushed her eggs around it. I will try again. I
    > do have a weird question, how often do they do this egg laying?
    > Like every six months or once a year? Thanks to all for all the
    > help. Janet