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Re: eggs

Posted by Connie on 9/06/08
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    I totally agree with Greylady. I use shredded white, pure
    computer paper in the bottom of my girls' cages but I couldn't
    have said it any better. Connie

    On 9/04/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > No, don't take them from her as long as they are undamaged.
    > Removing them before she abandons them can cause her to lay
    > more to replace them, further depleting her calcium, leading
    > to egg binding. But yes, for sure, if you have a nest box
    > there, get rid of it and put her eggs in something that is
    > wide open like a large bowl, or similar, lined with paper
    > towels. The darkness and privacy of a nestbox encourages
    > laying whereas a wide open container will not.

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