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Re: Cockatiels Outdoors

Posted by Loving tiels on 2/16/09
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    On 11/28/08, Wendy wrote:
    > On 9/22/08, Aaron wrote:
    >> I live in Southern Maryland and was wondering if cockatiels
    >> can live in an outdoor aviary with shelter year round. Do
    >> they need supplemental heat? Thanks!
    > I am wondering the same thing. Hopefully someone will
    > respond. Except I live in Southern CA where we don't get the
    > harsh winters.
    >On 02/15/09, Loving tiels wrote: Hey, Wendy and Aaron I also live in so cali. and I
    have had my tiels outside for many years. Keeping them safe from wind and rain are
    me biggest concern. I always worry about the temp. dropping in the low 30s. Also in
    summer I have a misting system. That helps. yet when it's really hot they still pant a
    quite a lot. I have a water system so they never run out . Large feeders. The best
    thing I have in my aviary is a large metal scraper to get up all the dropping of the
    floor. I found that being able to walk in side of the cage is so much better. All my
    bird are use to me and don't go crazy flying all around. As for living where there are
    all four seasons I would have to say yes supplemental heat is a must. I have a friend
    who lives in big bear sometimes it snows and he has over head heaters, also heated
    the floors. It,s nice yet $$$. I hope this helps. Good luck. Thanks.