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Posted by cindy on 9/27/08
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    well its not that i planned this anyways im going to habd feed
    them theres nothing to say that i have to hand feed them is
    there whats wrong with asking a few questions anyways thought
    this is what the birdmart is for so excuse me for even asking
    a ?? ok connie you know some people are really helpful i wont
    mention any names but some of u are not your not offending me
    at all so i wont come here no more

    On 9/26/08, Connie wrote:
    > Cindy, If you don't know how to breed birds, maybe you
    > should have read up on it or went on-line to learn about it.
    > When the babies are from 10 days to 2 weeks old, give or
    > take, they should be taken out and put in a brooder to keep
    > them warm, wean them from their mother and hand feed them
    > yourself until they are anywhere from 6-8 weeks old. Don't
    > take offense because I don't want to offend you, but are you
    > sure you are ready for this? It doesn't sound like it to me.
    > Do not put the September 3rd babies in with the July 4th
    > babies. Also, all of them should be out of the mother's cage
    > by now. Do some more research.... Connie
    > On 9/24/08, cindy wrote:
    >> ok my 2 birdies that were born on july 4th and a week
    >> later are still in the cage they are eating but sometimes
    >> when the parents come out theyor one of them wines for
    >> them to feed them and i have another one in the nestbox
    >> that shoul be ready almost to come out of box it was
    >> hatched on sept 3 is it ok for all three of them to be in
    >> the same cage or do i have to seperate them please let me
    >> know