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Posted by GreyLady on 9/27/08
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    On 9/27/08, cindy wrote:
    > well its not that i planned this anyways im going to habd feed
    > them theres nothing to say that i have to hand feed them is
    > there whats wrong with asking a few questions anyways thought
    > this is what the birdmart is for so excuse me for even asking
    > a ?? ok connie you know some people are really helpful i wont
    > mention any names but some of u are not your not offending me
    > at all so i wont come here no more

    Cindy. Unless you know exactly how to hand feed or can get some
    hands on training from an experienced person, it will be best to
    leave them with the parent birds for weaning. Hand feeding can
    be very tricky and if done wrong, it can kill them. If it's not
    done exactly right, they can be aspirated and that is almost
    always fatal. If you aren't sure yet, then yes,by all means,
    leave them with their parents for feeding and weaning. You can
    mix some baby bird forumula for the parents, who can in turn,
    feed it to the little ones. It will make them all more healthy.
    Mix it with warm water to about the consistency of oatmeal and
    give in a separate dish to the adults. Just don't leave it out
    more than about a couple hours lest it grow bacteria. And, never
    use any as a left over. Let me know if you need anything else.