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Re: another tiel?

Posted by jill on 1/29/09
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    On 10/07/08, Laura in Tx wrote:
    > Have found a sweet tame handfed baby tiel.I own a 4 year
    > old very tame male.Have had him since he was a baby.Can I
    > eventually cage 2 males together? They would be caged
    > separately until slowly introduced after time. That's my
    > thinking.....appreciate some wisdom! Thanks in advance.
    > Laura

    hello laura,

    some birds do not do well when you place others of the same
    sex in the same house. fortunately, cockatiels are not one
    of them. as long as there is no female to put them at odds
    they will actually bond with each other quite nicely.
    my question here is...first, did you FIND the baby
    (outdoors?) or did you locate one at a local breeder? if you
    FOUND it...i would suggest that you first try to find the
    owners of the bird before making it a part of your family.
    second...are you sure(if your looking at one from a breeder)
    that it is a male. if it is a baby it's almost impossible to
    tell sex without blood testing or palpatation. i hope this
    is helpful. jill