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Re: another tiel?

Posted by GreyLady on 1/29/09
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    Any time you bring a new bird into a home where there is
    already a bird/s, you want to observe a minimum of a 30 day
    quarantine anyway. That is wise, no matter where the new bird
    came from. You want to keep them as far apart as possible,
    definitely in different "air spaces". After 30 days, have the
    cages in the same room, near each other. You would never want
    to just stick a new bird into another's cage without a proper
    amount of time for them to get acquainted. That could cause
    trouble, even with sweet, loving Tiels. Their cage is their
    territory and some may not want to share with a stranger.
    After the get acquainted period and after spending some out
    time together in neutral territory, like a separate parrot
    stand, you will be able to tell how they get along. They will
    likely start to hang out together in one of the cages. Then
    you can move them in together if all goes well. I've never had
    a problem integrating a new Tiel to my group, regardless of
    gender, so long as these precautions are taken.