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Post: linda or anyone else...outdoor avairy

Posted by jill on 11/03/08

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    hi, i think this is probably the same linda i talked to
    that used to raise all kinds of birds but then turned it
    over to her daughter. if this is accurate, please message
    me back.

    i haven't been on in just about a year...our house burned
    down on november 6th last year and i lost all of my birds.
    i had 7 cockatiels and 8 parakeets at the time.i still
    miss them so very much. i have had alot of people offer to
    give me birds but i still have such guilt for not being
    able to get them out....there was just no way without
    loosing our own lives.
    i haven't been able to bring another bird home since
    because i didn't want to have an animal that couldn't
    escape on thier own.
    what i'm here today for is i'm thinking of an outdoor
    avairy. i'm not sure being in southern indiana if tiels
    would tollerate the weather....anyone with any answers is
    welcome to comment. thanks, jill

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