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Re: what is GSE used for ?

Posted by tina on 11/10/08
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    On 11/10/08, cindy wrote:
    > what is grape seed extract used for and also is acv good
    > for the birds ive been using it in their water and not
    > sure if it makes any difference but this is the most
    > babies we had ever since we had them we got a total of 5
    > out of these ones but i think thats enough so when these 2
    > come out of the nest then i think its time to take the
    > nest out is that ok to do that or will they lay them still
    > on the bottome of the cage ,, getting too many of them now
    > have to get ri of some they are so cute i love them but
    > dont have too much room in my house and too cold to put
    > them outside heheheheheh

    What are you, 12?