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Re: what is GSE used for ?

Posted by GreyLady on 11/11/08
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    GSE is good for them. I treat my flock's drinking water with
    it about once a month. It's also good for cleaning any fresh
    fruits or vegetables before serving. I don't, however, think
    it would affect the amount of eggs. Cockatiels are prolific
    layers and too much laying, and/or clutches too close together
    can really endanger their health. By all means, as soon as
    your last clutch is out of the box, get rid of the nest boxes.
    Don't give them any dark, private places. That only encourages
    more and more laying. The presence of the nest boxes is more
    the cause of too much laying than anything else. Even if they
    should lay more, without the boxes, that doesn't mean they have
    to be allowed to hatch. "Addle" the eggs, then return them to
    the pair. Let them tend the eggs until they grow bored,
    waiting for them to hatch. Once they abandon them, then you
    can throw them out. But don't just take them away. They will
    only lay more to replace them, leading to huge health
    problems. Also make sure they are getting plenty of vegetables
    and other proper foods and don't ever let them run out of
    cuttle bone. You do not want to lose one because of egg
    binding. If you need more help, let me know. GL