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Re: infertile eggs w/fertile

Posted by Holly Day on 11/12/08
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    On 11/11/08, Angela wrote:
    > Im new to breeding tiels & Im wondering what causes eggs
    > laid within a week (1 every other day)to have some be
    > fertile & others not? Mating began on 10-21 1st egg laid on
    > 10-29 2nd on 10-31 3rd on 11-2. Only 1 egg is fertile by
    > candling. Someone please educate me. Thank you All

    Ahhhh. One of life's unanswered mysteries.

    It is not uncommon for one or more eggs in a clutch to be
    infertile even when you have other fertile eggs.
    Often times the egg production starts as a result of
    copulation, but the sperm doesn't connect with the ova before
    the egg is formed, thus resulting in an infertile egg.
    Sperm is stored in the hen and as the eggs are formed,
    fertility takes place and that is why eggs laid later are
    often times fertile.
    But I would caution you not to remove the eggs. Unless you
    marked each egg with a date, you might just be seeing the
    showing of an embryo while the others haven't had a chance to
    develop depending on when the egg was laid and the hen began
    to sit tight.