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Re: infertile eggs w/fertile

Posted by Angela on 11/14/08
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    Thank you All for responding to my question. I feed my birds
    Higgins Supreme seed & supplement their diet with fresh veggies &
    fruit including fresh broccoli, carrot, apple, corn all from my
    garden & trees(no insecticides). I give them millet & wholegrain
    bread w/peanutbutter & wholegrain cereals. They have cuddlebone
    all the time & also scrambled eggs w/shell. This is a pair in a
    large cage by themselves with sturdy perches from natural
    applewood. We have only had this pair since 10-3-08. They live in
    my house in my spare bedroom with lots of light & sunshine from
    the windows.
    Thank you,
    On 11/12/08, GreyLady wrote:

    > Age of the birds, diet, enviornment, and several other issues
    > can also affect it. If you will tell us about those things, we
    > can probably offer more help.